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Arizer Extreme Q at $129.99 from City Vaporizer!

One of the most criminally overlooked and cutting edge desktop vaporizer units on the market today is the Arizer Extreme Q. The Arizer Extreme Q’s first impressions reveal a futuristic device that looks great on any coffee table or desktop. The Q stands for quiet in Arizer Extreme Q, which definitely is this device by way of the built-in fan.
In addition, in the past year, High Times Magazine put the Arizer Extreme Q among its top 10 desktop vaporizer units and many more publications will certainly follow suit once this device earns the attention it deserves. The Extreme Q was also praised by online connoisseurs with an abundance of positive feedback.
As soon as it is seen, the remote-controlled device, the first of its kind, captures your attention. Combined with the remote control, the space age concept and digital screen signify a new age of vaporizer technology and creativity. The Extreme Q heats up from 2-4 minutes and features a user-set shutdown timer, resembling a typical household gadget.
In short, while still retaining a very affordable price, the Arizer Extreme Q has found a place and performs as an elite desktop vaporizer. The price and versatility, above all, has definitely attracted a multitude of different users.
The three-year warranty from Canadian manufacturer Arizer will give many users peace of mind. Arizer is a very reliable business with a customer satisfaction track record. The Arizer Extreme Q is full of useful features that a high-end desktop vaporizer would expect.
Main Features

  •  Heating time of 2-4 minutes
  •  Temperature range of 50C-260C (122F-500F)
  •  Remote control with three fan speeds and auto shut-off timer
  •  Bright digital display

How to Use the Arizer Extreme Q
There are 3 main ways to use this amazing piece of desktop vaporizer technology:

  • Direct Draw – The 3-foot long whip that comes with the unit is ideal for sitting back and enjoying the Extreme Q. Whips such as these provide excellent management and efficiency of dried herbs.
  •  Balloon Draw – Many vaporizer users enjoy the balloon method of inhaling. This involves attaching a balloon to the unit and allowing it to fill with vapor. Remove the balloon and begin inhaling, the user breathes through a piece at the end of the balloon, optimized for large draws.
  •  Forced Air Draw – This way of utilizing the Extreme Q involves the whip as well as the inbuilt fan within the vaporizer itself. The fan will deliver the vapor through the whip and all the user does it sit back and enjoy!

As a rule, the Extreme Q works best with a medium to coarse grind of dried herbs. Metal grinders are highly recommended as a partner to this amazing vaporizer. Herb used in the Extreme Q should have little to no moisture, as this will ensure consistent burning and efficiency.
Arizer Extreme Q Review
The Arizer Extreme Q’s diverse heating settings enhances the flavor of both concentrates and dry herb. The versatility of the Extreme Q allows any type of vaper (from beginner to pro) to enjoy the full potential of vaping. The amount of vapor created by the Extreme Q from one whip or balloon is immense, but this is fully controlled by the user, enabling various types of users to customize their own vaping experience. Experimenting with the various temperatures and attachments of the Extreme Q provides the user with a wide range of vaping options at all times. For many Extreme Q users, grinding dried herbs to a medium/coarse grind and applying a small amount of concentrate has become a favourite. After a long vape session, kick back and enjoy the aromatherapy attachment that will diffuse scented herbs such as lavender or potpourri.
As a result, positive feedback for the Arizer Extreme Q is beginning to flood in online as a result of this great product. The unit is potentially the most adaptable, user-friendly, and future-proof on the market for less than $200, several users have discovered. Reviews of the Arizer Extreme Q from consumers and blogs stress the longevity and durability of the unit. The vapor output and smoothness from the Extreme Q are both major pluses for the unit.
The instruction manual included is extremely detailed and extremely helpful when setting up and experimenting with the Arizer Extreme Q. Arizer also includes an online set of documentation for Arizer Extreme Q owners. The unit comes with so many extras and attachments that it will become a staple product in the arsenal of many enthusiasts. The attachments and base unit of the Extreme Q are simple enough to allow regular maintenance while maintaining a modern aesthetic. In addition, Arizer also offers any replacement parts and a dedicated customer service team.
In short, for the price and the sleek and futuristic look, the Arizer Extreme Q exceeds all expectations. It is common for Arizer to combine this versatility with ease of use. The unit’s affordability makes the Extreme Q one of the best bang-for-your-buck vaporizers available today on the market.
Technical Specifications
At just 15cm (5.91 inches) x 15cm x 15cm and 0.5kg (1.1 pounds), the Arizer Extreme Q will sit nicely on any coffee table or desk. The convection heating system (using a ceramic element) within the unit is powered by a wall outlet and can be controlled by way of the included remote.
Temperatures are displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit and the Extreme Q also has the ability the emit a “beep” when ready. The convection heating system, combined with the fan, permits one of the easiest and most efficient experiences in desktop vaping today.   The dual screen system and 360-degree swivel enables the Arizer Extreme Q to become an ideal unit to enjoy with others. The three fan speeds and multiple attachments that come with the Extreme Q will leave any type of user happy.
Our FAQ section here at City Vaporizer has a tonne of useful information on using and maintaining any vaporizer!
Cleaning the Arizer Extreme Q
 Maintenance of the Arizer Extreme Q is as straightforward as using the unit. Generally essential to the life of the vaporizer, upkeep of the Extreme Q depends entirely on usage. Consequently, avoiding a build-up of resin will allow for a full-flavored, amazing hit every time.
Keeping the bowl and elbow clean (every 1-3 weeks) is very easy because they are made of glass. Generally, a strong alcohol, or isopropyl, can be used on both of these parts and pipe cleaners will get rid of any stubborn resin. Make sure these pieces are washed with water and dried thoroughly before reattaching them to the Extreme Q.
Additionally, using glass-on-glass lubricant is a great idea for heavy smokers who find a regular resin build-up. This substance will allow the unit to be re-packed easier without the risk of the glass pieces sticking to one another. This can happen once a significant amount of resin has built up.
Once in a while, users may drop herb inside the housing unit. The Arizer Extreme Q is super-easy to take apart every 3 to 6 months in order to retrieve the lost herb and in turn, will improve airflow and efficiency. Cleaning the Extreme Q comprehensively and regularly will keep this unit on your coffee table for years to come. City Vaporizer stocks all you will need to clean the Extreme Q vaporizer.
The Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer Comes With

  • Remote Control
  • Glass Cyclone Bowls with Flat Screens x2
  • Pre-Attached Long Whip for Direct Draw
  • 3′ Whip Tubing
  • Glass Whip Mouthpiece
  • Glass Elbow Adapter with Dome Screen
  • Pre-Attached Mini Whip for Balloon
  • 3″ Whip Tubing
  • Glass Elbow Adapter with Dome Screen
  • Balloon Assembly (One Pre-Assembled)
  • Balloons x2
  • Glass Balloon Mouthpieces x2
  • O-Rings x2
  • Glass Stir Tool
  • Screen Pack
  • Flat Screen
  • Dome Screen
  • Glass Whip Mouthpiece
  • Glass Potpourri Dish with Potpourri Sample
  • 110/220V Power Supply
  • User Manual


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