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Vivant Ambit

The AMBIT dry herb vaporizer is perfect for daily use; its light weight, compact size with smart technologies makes it perfect for vapers who wish to be discreet. The AMBIT fits comfortably in your hand and is equipped with a convection heater that can bring out the best of every herb, and the digital display gives you full control over your vaping experience.

The Vivant Ambit proudly shows off its extremely small form factor, making it extremely discrete and portable with a size of less than 3″ x 2″, and weighing less than 100 grams, easily fitting in anyone’s pocket and making it an easy carry for your daily use.

How easy a vaporizer is to clean is a feature that often goes overlooked, and with its small size, the Vivant Ambit is breeze to clean. A small unit is far easier to maintain and clean as there’s less surface area you need to worryabout, and Vivant has made sure your cleaning experience will be quick and easy.

While the vapor quality won’t match some of Vivant’s higher end powerhouse units such as the Alternate or the best-selling Rift, the Ambit shouldn’t be underestimated as it packs a punch for such a small package and you’ll find that it’ll give you some of the best hits of your life. At higher temperatures, the Ambit produces clouds that many higher priced vaporizers envy.

The controls and display are already great features for a vape this small and at this budget level, but you’ll see that the vape’s performance even more amazing. The time to heatup is mindblowingly quick, no other vaporizer in this price range can compete with the Ambit in this regard, only the high end, premium vaporizers that specialize in fast heat-up times can hope to compete.

What’s even more impressive is how efficient the Ambit is at heating up. You’d expect such a powerful vape to burn bright but burn fast, yet once again, prepare for your expectations to be blown away. Despite being so powerful, the Vivant Ambit’s battery lasts for 10 sessions on a single charge, that’s about 7-8 hours!

With so much overwhelming power,  it’s to be expected that the vaporizer can get a bit hot, but don’t worry about the operating temperature, because the Vivant Ambit is made out of medical grade materials that are made to take on this temperatures this high, making sure that your vaping experience is both powerful and safe. For your convenience, the mouthpiece is magnetic, ensuring that it smoothly fits onto the top of your device without any chance of falling out, being loose, or being lost. The build quality of the Ambit is truly a sight to behold.


  • The Ambit offers the optimum temperature range starting from 100°C and ending at 230°C (212°F – 446°F).
  • The convection heater only needs 30 seconds to quickly heat your material.
  • Simple magnetic connections allow for quick and easy attachments of the mouthpiece and accessories.
  • The flip out mouthpiece creates a stealthy low-profile design that has ease of use in mind.
  • The mouthpiece is made from the highest quality food grade material.
  • This combined with an isolated airpath produces clean and smooth vapor.
  • The VIVANT Ambit lasts for as much as 10 sessions per charge.


  • Size: 68 x 55 x 28 mm
  • Output Voltage: 0-3.5V
  • Battery Capacity: 1500 mAh
  • Temperature Range: 100°C – 230°C (212°F – 446°F)

Package Contents

  • 1x AMBIT
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x Packing Tool
  • 1x Cleaning Brush


City Vaporizer is an authorized retailer of Vivant products and all products by Vivant are covered under manufacturer warranty. To inquire about your unit, request support, or process a repair/RMA, please contact Vivant on their support page here.


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